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This is advised when teeth have a sound structure and do not need any other treatment but are discoloured due to genetics, medication, root treatment or previous trauma. The chemicals brighten the tooth and make it lighter bhy reacting with the tooth structure in a safe way, so that the tooth health is not affected. It is considered as non-invasive dental treatment involving no injections or drills, but you will need to make sure there are no sensitive teeth or leaking fillings, which will need to be treated first.

1.  Examination for general health of teeth and suitability. Shade of the teeth before treatment agreed by patient and dentist.

2. Impressions are taken of the teeth for special customised trays are made by the laboratory.

3. Clear instructions and a demonstration of the technique by the Dentist after which the patient takes the kit home.

4.  Review after 2 weeks for effect and feedback and further medication if necessary.

If you are unsure about any aspect talk to us